Skills Training


Keeping the huge demographic shift in view, ‘Skill for Life, Save a Life’ was initiated by,     Ministry of HFWS New Delhi.

In this, General Public are trained on various critical thematic areas like Road Accidents,   Wound Management, Shock, Dog Bite, Burns, Snake Bite, Choking, Fractures, control of     Bleeding, Drowning and render capacity building training.


Recognize the seriousness of the patient's condition or extent of injuries to assess     requirements for first aid

Administer appropriate first aid for life threatening injuries relative to airway, breathing and     circulation

Understand certain lifesaving emergencies and initiation of first responder care

Successful transfer of the victim to medical care system

Selected Population:

College Students, NCC/NSS cadets, Bus drivers & Conductors, NGOs, Cab Drivers and     Traffic Police, etc.