Skills Lab


Skills lab Nipuna with skill stations are designed in 10 districts of Karnataka with the aim of acquisition and up gradation of the skills lab health care providers to improve health outcomes.

It is a unique hands on skills training program that make the health personal competent the rendering MCH Service. Main is to reduce in a MMR and IMR rates in Karnataka


  • To considerably reduce MMR and IMR in the state.

  • Make health professional competent enough in handling mental complications.

  • Implement MCH services as a basic human right.

  • Upgrading the knowledge related to MCH services.


  • To improve the survival of mother and child and attain National Health goals.

  • To increase institutional deliveries.

  • Improve the quality of MCH services.

  • Make health professionals technically competent in providing RMNCH + A services,


  • 16 trainees including Medical officers and Nursing Officers are trained in each batch.

  • Mentoring and supportive visits are conducted at regular intervals to delivery points    (PHC,CHC,TH & DH).

  • 10 skills lab covers 30 districts for training and MSV.

Any Special Achievement:

The 10 skills lab of Karnataka has conducted training for 9857 health professionals and     has conducted 3287 mentoring and supportive visits till date.

Yearly action plan is proposed.

Trainers are scheduled for the fourth coming year 2021-22.

MSV line listing for the year 2021 22 is prepared.