SAM training is given to pediatricians, medical officers, diet Counceller's, and staff nurses of all the district NRC’s and also newly taluka hospitals staffs Malnutrition is a general term it most often refers to under nutrition resulting from inadequate consumption, poor absorption are excessive loss of nutrients. Otherwise, the term also refers to over nutrition, resulting from excessive intake. Malnutrition in children is widely prevalent in developing countries like India, more than 33%deaths in 0-5 years are associated with malnutrition.

Children With SAM are at risk of death from:-

1.Hypoglycemia, as here is less supply of glucose from liver and the muscle at the same time

2.Hypothermia, as basal BMR is reduced, they are likely to lose more heat than usual due to loss of insulating fat and a higher surface area per kg body weight

3. Fluid overload and cardiac failure due to changes in the functioning of the kidneys and heart.

4. Infections, as the bodies inflammatory and immune responses slows down, they are prone for infections.