Paramedical Medical Courses in Government Hospitals of Karnataka


The State government of Karnataka decided to roll out PMC (Paramedical Medical Courses affiliated to Paramedical Board) in FY 2016-17. There is lack of paramedical staff at District hospitals and Taluk hospitals, as a strategy to address this issue and to provide continuous inflow of trained persons for quality services at the hospitals, the Paramedical courses in 7 specialities was started in 11 District hospitals and 2 general hospitals.

The District Training centres will be providing theory sessions for the candidates, with practical postings at the hospitals. SIHFW is the training wing of HFW department, and DTCs are governed by SIHFW, for better implementation and quality monitoring, the budget is proposed under SIHFW.

The Paramedical Courses provide great employment opportunities and also ensures the availability of sufficient number of qualified and trained Paramedical Personnel for the upliftment of a good Health Care System.

One District Hospital has been accredited in 2 Super specialty courses with 3 seats. The total seats accredited is as below.

For the effective functioning of rural health services in our country, capacity building of various categories of health professionals including training is very important. A large number of health functionaries including medical officers, nurses and para-medical workers are deployed at the grass root level, especially in vast rural, remote and inaccessible areas of our country. Out of all para-professionals numbering more than half a million are employed in a government sector alone, rendering valuable services at a primary care level. It may be mentioned that a quite large number of paramedical workers are also working in a non-government and private sectors. A large number are also deployed in tertiary and secondary care institutions namely medical colleges, state hospitals and district hospitals.

There is a total need of about 33045 technologists (Paramedical workers) in various institutions. Out to which only 4101 posts are sanctioned. Out of the sanctioned posts 749 posts remain vacant. Hence, there is a need for sanctioning around 29000 posts of Paramedical workers. In addition to this, around 8000 paramedics are required for the private sector.

Achievements of Karnataka:

1.Karnataka is the only state in India to initiate PMC courses in District & General Hospitals

2.The candidates who are opting these courses will be paid stipend from this FY-2022-23.

3.Currently around 4500 students have successfully completed the training & around 6500    students are undergoing training.