About Other Training Details​

Asha Induction Training​

The ASHA worker is an Accredited Social Health activist and selected by the community, who is trained and supported to function in her village/area to improve the health status of the community through securing people’s access to health care services and improved health care practices and behaviours. The following capacity building activities has been taken

Induction Training:

All newly selected ASHAs will undergo an eight day induction training to orient her to her role and responsibilities, provide the skills of community rapport building and Leadership, and an understanding of the health system and a rights based approach to health. It is initiated in the Year 2013-14. 41524 ASHAs have been trained.

Skill based Training for key competencies in women and children’s health and nutrition:

This is a twenty day training to be completed in four rounds within the first eighteen months of joining. All ASHAs are required to be certified in a set of competencies related to basic reproductive, maternal, new-born, and child health and nutrition, and infectious diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis. It is initiated in the year 2013-14.

Skill Based - First Responders Training (FRT): ​

In India, deaths due to road accidents and heart attacks are increasing day by day. The lack of an educated first responder has resulted in higher mortality rates, including relatively weak emergency response infrastructure, reducing the ability to respond to unexpected illnesses, accidents, and disasters.

First the FRT training program was launched on 4th March 2018. A total of 5 FRT batches were conducted in FY 2018-19, 3 batches in Bangalore and 2 batches in Mysore. In the financial year 2019-20, a total of 21 batches of training were conducted successfully, 6 batches at Bangalore Skills Lab, 3 batches each at Mysore, Hassan, Gouribidanur, Hubballima Gokak.

  • Induction Training for MO
  • ASHA induction Training
  • FRT
  • Internship Training
  • Covid Crash Courses
  • ECRP

    ECRP II Training was done by SIHFW in coordination with COE-IGICH (central of excellence Indhira Gandhi institute of child health).

    The program aims to provide training to nursing personal, pediatricians & health care providers in the areas of emergency management and Intensive care management of critically ill Childrens of covid 19

    Totally 22 batches have conducted, at hotel capital two batches are hybrid module It will improve include hands on training coupled with theory classes, demonstrations & modules under the guidance of eminent resource persons to enhance the confidence of trainees.

    Covid Crash Course ​

    The Covid-19 pandemic has brought in multiple challenges with serious implications on lives and livelihood, businesses and economy across the country. Considering the expanse of Covid’s second wave and rise in cases in new variant of Covid, it has led to immediate requirement of skilled workforce in the Healthcare sector to continue providing essential care and services to patients. In order to address this gap, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) by Pradhanamanthri Koushalya Vikasa Yojana 3.0 supported by Healthcare Sector Skill Council, have designed 6 courses as part of the COVID response program which will further help in augmenting the availability of skilled allied healthcare professionals in the country

    Internship Programmes ​

    Short term posting for Post Graduates of Community Medicine of Gov & Pvt Medical Colleges posted to NHM is initiated from FY2022-23. Postings for Community Medicine Post Graduates from various colleges across Karnataka will be held for 15 days at NHM

    SKILLS Training ​

    Keeping the huge demographic shift in view, ‘Skill for Life, Save a Life’ was initiated by, Ministry of HFWS New Delhi.

    In this, General Public are trained on various critical thematic areas like Road Accidents, Wound Management, Shock, Dog Bite, Burns, Snake Bite, Choking, Fractures, control of Bleeding, Drowning and render capacity building training.