Skill Based - First Responders Training (FRT): ​


In India, deaths due to road accidents and heart attacks are increasing day by day. The lack of an educated first responder has resulted in higher mortality rates, including relatively weak emergency response infrastructure, reducing the ability to respond to unexpected illnesses, accidents, and disasters.

First the FRT training program was launched on 4th March 2018. A total of 5 FRT batches were conducted in FY 2018-19, 3 batches in Bangalore and 2 batches in Mysore. In the financial year 2019-20, a total of 21 batches of training were conducted successfully, 6 batches at Bangalore Skills Lab, 3 batches each at Mysore, Hassan, Gouribidanur, Hubballima Gokak.


  • To identify the severity of the patient's condition or the extent of injuries.

  • Providing appropriate emergency medical care for life-threatening injuries in relation to the needs of emergency medical care, respiration and blood circulation.


  • Ensuring that skilled FRT is made available at places in case of accidents,

  • To reduce the disability and mortality rate due to road accidents.


Campers are general persons with educational qualification of 10th standard or above. Medical professionals including doctors, nursing officers will also be given an opportunity to participate in the program.

The training program is of one day (8 hours) duration. And it includes didactic hands-on training, video-based, interactive lectures.

Physical and Financial Achievement:

A special achievement:

A total of 1265 campers have been successfully trained in FRT

Program Details:

The camper is able to perform operations during a road accident, starting with removing the victim's helmet, controlling bleeding, and including spinal manipulation until hospitalization.

Action Plan:

As batch size is 50 people training is not scheduled for 2020-21 due to covid-19 pandemic guidelines. An action plan will be drawn up once the Covid-19 guidelines permit.