Digital Shiksha for Advanced Clinical Capacity Building


Tech-enabled capacity building has been revolutionizing how learners build their skills and acquire knowledge, particularly in healthcare. USAID funded and Jhpiego implemented RISE (Reaching Impact, Saturation, and epidemic Control) project’s DiShA platform is one such innovative technology that utilizes simulation aides to replicate clinical scenarios for skill building in critical care. 

About The Project

The USAID RISE project works with Hubs in the RISE network to promote a skill-based capacity-building approach in the attached spokes. The project will also support the development of web-enabled platforms for simulation and other virtual learning mechanisms- that will continue to support blended learning and practical exposure for virtual/ hands-on training and certification of healthcare providers in the spoke facilities. 

The USAID RISE DiShA platform utilizes simulation aides to replicate clinical scenarios for Critical Care and allows features such as deliberate practice and feedback for knowledge retention, skills development, and exposure to case studies using virtual patient cases. In addition, the system enables the learner to review the results and responses before making diagnostic clinical and management choices. 

The DiShA platform features the following to bridge the competency gaps amongst healthcare providers in the following manner-

Platform for teaching and assessment of cognitive and skills-based content.

Clinical Cases or Educational Content in 35 specific topics as in Appendix II 

Content and Development for cases, Multimedia as needed. 

Competency-based evaluation 

Learning Analytics: 

Future decisions about learning and programmatic interventions 


Generate reports that include predefined external data provided by RISE and data generated by learners