Adolescent friendly health services (AFHS) Rashtriya kishore swasthya karyakram (RKSK): SNEHA CLINIC


Adolescent (10-19 years) Constitute 22% of the population adolescences are not the homogenous group again their situation varies by age sex, marital status, region and culture context. Large number of them are out of school, get married early, work in venerable situations, are sexually active and are exposed to peer pressure .These factors have serious social, economic and public health implication.

Adolescence health issues: -

1.Health interventions are not cognizant of adolescence development & growth like physical,    mental, or related to personality development

2.Inadequately prepared for life and have unmet needs related to nutrition, reproductive and    sexual health & mental health

3.Entering adulthood in poor health, anemia & Malnutrition have adverse intergenerational    consequences.

4.Maternal mortality is higher among young women, has adverse impact on MMR.

5.Infant, mortality higher for young mothers, this also adversely impacts IMR.

6.Unintended Unwanted pregnancies s3ash unsafe abortion contributing maternal morbidity    and mortality

7.Lack of knowledge regarding prevention leads to STI slash RTI & rising incidence HIV/    AIDS.

8.Substance abuse, dependance on alcohol, drug, smoking, tobacco, gutka etc.

9.Sexual abuse/violence, though Sexual health is important not to talk directly.